[1] Ephesians 4:2
Be completely humble and gentle; be patient.
choose chooses choosing chop chopped

chore chose chosen christ christian

chronic chronicle chronicles church churches

churn churned churning cilia cine

cinnamon circle circled circles circling

circuit circular circulate circulated circumcise

circumcised circumcision circumference circumstance circumstances

cist cistern cisterns citadel citadels

cite cited cities citing citizen

citizens citizenship citron city civil

civilian clad claim claimed claiming

claims clam clan clang clanging

clans clap clapped claps clash

clasp clasped clasps class classify

clatter claw claws clay clean

cleanness cleans cleanse cleansed cleansing

clear cleared clearly clef cleft

clefts clement clerk clever cleverly

cleverness cliff cliffs climax climb

climbed climbing climbs cling clinging

clip cloak cloaks clod clods

close closed closely closer closes

closest closing clot cloth clothe

clothed clothes clothing cloths cloud

cloudburst cloudless clouds club clubs

clung cluster clusters clutch clutches

coal coals coarse coast coastal

coastlands coastline coasts coat coated

coating coats coax cob cobra

cobras cobweb cobwebs cocoon cod

code coffer coffers coffin cog

cognition cohort cohorts coil coiled

coiling coils coin coins col

cola colas cold collapse collapsed

collapses collar collect collected collecting

collection collections collector collectors collects

colon colonnade colonnades colony colt

column columns comb combed come

comes comfort comforted comforter comforters

comforting comforts coming comings comma

command commanded commander commanders commanding

commandment commandments commands commemorate commemorated

commend commendable commendation commended commends

commission commissioned commissioner commissioners commit

commitment commits committed committing common

commotion communities community compact compacted

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