[1] 2 Thessalonians 2:3
Don't let anyone deceive you in any way.


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Deuteronomy [ 7 : 7 ]
The LORD did not set his affection on you and choose you because you were more numerous than other peoples, for you were the fewest of all peoples

Deuteronomy [ 10 : 15 ]
Yet the LORD set his affection on your ancestors and loved them, and he chose you, their descendants, above all the nations as it is today

Job [ 35 : 6 ]
If you sin, how does that affect him? If your sins are many, what does that do to him?

Job [ 35 : 8 ]
Your wickedness only affects humans like yourself, and your righteousness only other people

Ezekiel [ 24 : 21 ]
Say to the people of Israel, 'This is what the Sovereign LORD says: I am about to desecrate my sanctuary-the stronghold in which you take pride, the delight of your eyes, the object of your affection. The sons and daughters you left behind will fall by the swor

2 Corinthians [ 6 : 12 ]
We are not withholding our affection from you, but you are withholding yours from us

2 Corinthians [ 7 : 15 ]
And his affection for you is all the greater when he remembers that you were all obedient, receiving him with fear and trembling

Philippians [ 1 : 8 ]
God can testify how I long for all of you with the affection of Christ Jesus.

Leviticus [ 13 : 4 ]
If the shiny spot on the skin is white but does not appear to be more than skin deep and the hair in it has not turned white, the priest is to isolate the affected person for seven days

Leviticus [ 13 : 12 ]
If the disease breaks out all over their skin and, so far as the priest can see, it covers all the skin of the affected person from head to foot

Leviticus [ 13 : 17 ]
The priest is to examine them, and if the sores have turned white, the priest shall pronounce the affected person clean; then they will be clean

Leviticus [ 13 : 31 ]
But if, when the priest examines the sore, it does not seem to be more than skin deep and there is no black hair in it, then the priest is to isolate the affected person for seven days

Leviticus [ 13 : 33 ]
then the man or woman must shave themselves, except for the affected area, and the priest is to keep them isolated another seven days

Leviticus [ 13 : 37 ]
If, however, the sore is unchanged so far as the priest can see, and if black hair has grown in it, the affected person is healed. They are clean, and the priest shall pronounce them clean

Leviticus [ 13 : 49 ]
if the affected area in the fabric, the leather, the woven or knitted material, or any leather article, is greenish or reddish, it is a defiling mold and must be shown to the priest

Leviticus [ 13 : 50 ]
The priest is to examine the affected area and isolate the article for seven days

2 Peter [ 1 : 7 ]
and to godliness, mutual affection; and to mutual affection, love